Compassion & Choices Action Network is a 501(c)(4) organization that advances end-of-life choice and care. We fight to protect and expand end-of-life options throughout the nation, with a focus on advancing medical aid-in-dying laws across the country.


Kim Callinan, President and CEO

Kim Callinan is the President and CEO of Compassion & Choices and the Compassion & Choices Action Network; prior to that, she was the chief program officer. During her combined tenure at Compassion & Choices and the Compassion & Choices Action Network, Kim has played a leadership role in 1) authorizing and implementing medical aid in dying into six new jurisdictions: California, Colorado, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, New Jersey, and New Mexico; 2) drafting, promoting and implementing the organizations’ new strategic plans; and 3) launching our Finish Strong initiative, which includes a book and a suite of new tools designed to empower patients to take charge of the final chapter of their lives, including focused efforts on helping people plan for a possible dementia diagnosis and closing the disparities in end-of-life care and planning that exist for communities of color.


Charmaine Manansala, Chief Advocacy Officer

Charmaine Manansala is the Chief Advocacy Officer at Compassion & Choices and the Compassion & Choices Action Network. Charmaine was instrumental in authorizing medical aid in dying in California. Charmaine led the teams that passed similar legislation in the District of Columbia, Hawai‘i, New Jersey and New Mexico. Charmaine is in charge of the team that authorize, ensure access, protect and improve the full range of end-of-life options across the country. Charmaine previously served in the highest levels of government as a presidential appointee in the Obama administration at the U.S. Department of Labor. Charmaine also served as senior advisor for Speaker Pelosi handling social security, healthcare and labor. During the Clinton administration, she worked at White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI).  From local, congressional, gubernatorial, presidential and issue campaigns, Charmaine has worked in various roles over a dozen campaigns. In California, she also served as political director for the Service Employees International Union.


Kim Taccini, National Director of Operations

Kim Taccini is the National Director of Operations at Compassion & Choices and the Compassion & Choices Action Network. Kim has nearly two decades of success managing program operations and communications campaigns for foundations, nonprofits and government agencies. She has applied her expertise in project management and communications to advance public health goals ranging from improving hearing health to covering the uninsured. She is responsible for the internal operations of the Compassion & Choices Action Network team, working across the organization to integrate systems and strategies. Previously, Kim directed multimillion-dollar health education, information services and communications contracts for leading public health stakeholders at the consulting firms of IQ Solutions and GMMB.

Patrick Massaro, Political and Fundraising Director

Patrick Massaro serves as the Political and Fundraising Director for Compassion & Choices Action Network. His career has been focused on building political power for organizations and issues at the state level, and has spent over a decade creating, fundraising for, and managing multi-million dollar ballot measure campaigns, Independent Expenditure programs, 501(c)4 accountability efforts, advocacy campaigns, and 501(c)3 voter registration and get out the vote programs.

Sara Nunez, Senior Digital Comms Specialist

Sara Nunez is the Senior Digital Comms Specialist at Compassion & Choices Action Network. Sara is an Arizona native and achieved her undergrad and graduate degrees at Arizona State University. Sara is passionate about grassroots organizing and issue-based advocacy. Sara is a recent addition to the Compassion & Choices team. Previously Sara put her tech skills and nonprofit knowledge to work fighting for disability rights. As a person with a rare autoimmune condition and chronic pain, Sara knows first-hand the importance of healthcare access and strongly believes everyone should have access to end-of-life options, including medical-aid-in-dying.

Board of Directors

David N. Cook, Chair
Karen L. Pye, M.P.H., Treasurer
Vincent Wiraatmadja, Secretary
Debbi Gibbs
Jill Gordon
Samantha Sandler
Nancy Hoyt
Irene Wurtzel